Hello, loves, it’s Lust here reporting from my bed…where I do all my best work. When it comes to sex, the more the merrier (romps, partners, toys, positions…you name it). I’m here to answer all your love, sex, relationship and life questions. Disclaimer: I am not liable for any resulting sexual harassment cases, children (gasp) or stalker exes. Any mind-blowing orgasms, breath taking kisses, and coy glances…those are all mine. Mwah! 

When I'm not lounging here being hand fed grapes by the other sins (it's amazing what men will do when a great set of breasts are presented to them) I can be found at According to Jewels where I dole out love, relationship, and of course sex advice. *spoiler alert is consists of 'make it', 'overrated", and 'have more of it'!* I've been known to indulge in the art of erotic writing...but you have to be good to see those. 

I'd love to stay and chat, really I would, but I've got company. You know how I hate to leave a good man tied up in bed all alone. 

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  1. Dear Lust,
    Is spontaneous masturbation, much like a bonobo ape, truly lust? What if I'm just bored? Basically, when is self-indulgence truly lust?
    Why Does My Wrist Hurt