They call me Gluttony but I would argue that I'm just 'Big Boned'. Indulge yourself and gobble up my advice as I tell it like it is. Is too much still not enough? Come see me. Need dieting tips? I'm your guy. Addiction got the best of you? I can get your fix and then some. Just tread carefully or you might find yourself eating your own words!

When I am not gorging myself on your sinful questions I can be found blogging over at Some of you may know me as Workingdan and would agree that Gluttony is an appropriate fit for my obese ego. For those of you who don't know of me, get to know your sin. I eat internet trolls for breakfast which would explain the bloating. It's quite the spectacle, really.

I am also known for my ever-growing and popular Wall of Shame, where I promote some of the coolest bloggers out there. But the question you must ask yourself is "How bad do I want promoted?" My methods of promotion would be considered unorthodox and embarrassing. You may find your own place on the Wall of Shame, but not before I chew you up and spit you out first. I am a glutton after all, and eating is my specialty!

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